I’m constantly being asked can you tell me why is Social Media so important for my B2B business? I sell… fill in the blank here… It has nothing to do with Social Media. I always answer, everything has to do with Social Media. All business should have a presence on Social Media. Maybe not every channel but definitely on some. Business Social Media can be tricky if you let it be.

Nowadays, customers are researching your products before they purchase and Social Media is one of the tools they will use and you need to be there. Be sure to determine which social networks are the best for your business.

Here are some Tips and Tricks on some of the Platforms that many businesses will use to feature their businesses and products.


  1. Company Page – Fill it in Completely!
    • About Us – Write a high-level description of your business using keywords that showcase your brands and be sure to tell your visitors what makes you “unique”.
    • Specialties – This is a very powerful section. Do not skip. Enter any relevant keywords that describe your business. Who you are, what you do, etc. This will help your visitors  find you in a LinkedIn Search.
  2. Showcase Page – Use it!
    • Create Pages for specific products or services.
      • Each page can have their own url’s.
      • Users can follow and receive updates from individual Showcase Pages.
      • Be sure to add a profile photo, logo and banner images to each page.


  1. Twitter Search – Use to connect with your customers
    • Find them and add follow them.
    • Tweet about them and add mention them @(mention their twitter name).
  2. Thank your newest followers – Always!
    • When someone new follows you, be sure to @reply to thank them. If possible, add a note, “Welcome! @newfollower, thanks for following! How are you? Christine.”.


  1. Invite friends, family, people from your personal network to “Like” your page
    • Utilize the “Invite Friends” tab often. Your personal and professional network is always growing so set a reminder to Invite Friends at least once a year.
  2. Create Facebook Page custom tabs for your services – Differentiate Yourself
    • Your tabs are on the left side of your Page. To add different tabs, you can search for apps on Facebook such as a MailChimp App, contest app, other social profiles such as Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. or have a custom app with a free static HTML iframe app or check out free services like Pagemodo (http://www.pagemodo.com) or Woobox (http://www.woobox.com) to help.

I hope you enjoyed these Tips and Tricks! Feel free to reach out to me with comments or questions anytime!!

Christine Siebert


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